About The Artist


Ceramics is everywhere inside of me in a dynamics of constant science-art, perfection-imperfection, useful-useless, personal-collective, silence...action, control-chaos, defined-undefined alternation... it is in the field produced by this frequency that I choose to place myself to wonder how I want to exist. I feel that I exist to position myself in a place of constant questioning.

I'm into matter and its aesthetic possibilities. That is where I search - in the relationship between paste and enamel - the manifestation of the unexpected. It is between shining industrial items and uncomfortable shape that I walk along the fine line dividing art and design. 


Agustín Herrera was born in Mendoza, Argentina, in 1982.

He became acquainted with ceramics at an early age at María Elena Champeau technical high school graduating with a degree of ceramics expert. This experience encouraged him to pursue a university degree in ceramics at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo's School of Art and Design in the Industrial Ceramics Degree Program, graduating as a ceramist. Simultaneously, he taught ceramics to inmates at El Sauce psychiatric hospital rehabilitation service (2008.)

He traveled to the Ecuadorian Amazon to work at Fundación Atasim as part of a program intended to help Shuar women artisans strengthen their ceramic-related activity by providing expert advice for the construction of kilns and doing research for improving ceramic pastes (2016.)

He led the University Localization program resulting from an agreement between Universidad Nacional de Cuyo and Lavalle Town Hall to retrieve Huarpe people ancestral techniques developed in Lavalle dry lands.

He is currently an associate professor in second year of the Industrial Ceramic Art Degree Program and the Ceramics Teacher Training Degree Program.

He is in charge of the Production Workshop in the Ceramics Degree Program guiding students into experiencing ceramics mass production and doing interdisciplinary work with the Design and Visual Arts Degree Programs.

In 2017, he undertook his startup, Herrera Ceramica de Autor, which is devoted to producing 1230° stoneware using mostly local raw material and focusing on the search of local aesthetics.